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How to replace Visonic Powermax / Powermaster siren batteries.

When the siren battery power output is below the required level for the siren to operate properly, the trouble message 'SO1 LOW BATTERY'  is shown on the system display. (This could also be S02, S03 and so on depending on the number of sirens you have enrolled to your system).

Replacing a low battery in a Visonic Powermax or Visonic Powermaster PG2 alarm system is easy to do, providing you follow a few simple rules. Incorrectly installing a new battery will often result in the system retaining the 'SO1 LOW BATTERY' trouble.

The easiest way to replace the batteries is to disconnect the old batteries and simply wait 2 minutes before connecting the new one. Then, ensuring that the siren cover is properly closed, arm and disarm the system to clear the trouble message from the display.

Alternatively, to install the new battery and clear the 'S01 LOW BATTERY' follow the steps below.

1. Disconnect the battery pairing loom from the siren and connect the new batteries to it.

2. Using a screwdriver, short out the 2 small pins where the loom connects for a few seconds

3. Reconnect the pairing loom to the circuit board and close the siren cover.
4 Arm and disarm the system to clear the 'S01 LOW BATTERY' message.

You can check for other system troubles by pressing the OK button on the display repeatedly..

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